The Label – Wildwood

The idea of Wildwood was born over ten years ago when Zoltan Szoges began working with his first band in Orillia, Ontario, helping them book shows and build a loyal following. As he kept travelling and helping develop other bands, he grew more connected in the industry, and the idea of building a record label and music community continued to follow him.

In 2010, Zoltan and his wife, singer-songwriter Lauren Mann began touring full time, and as they travelled, they dreamed. They thought about one day owning a coffee shop, and serving homemade treats and hosting live music. They thought about a record label and how they could help bands navigate the music industry. They thought about hosting people in their home and living sustainably. But the rigours of the road took their toll, and at the end of 2014, they found themselves burnt out and not sure if they even wanted to do music anymore.


A year off was all they needed to refocus and find their footing again, and part of that journey included putting down roots and buying a house on Pender Island, BC. The tranquility of the island had always been an inspiration to them since they first visited in 2013, and the inspiring artistic community proved to be the fertile ground from which Wildwood could grow and all their dreams and ideas could be realized.

Wildwood record label was started as a way for indie artists to be able to release music sustainably, cross-promoting with visual artists to reach a wider audience. Our artists may not be able to do their craft full time, but we still want them to have a way to share their art with the community. We believe in offering a pay-what-you-feel model for our digital downloads and make sure that a portion of all our profits is donated to charity. As we grow our community, we are excited to see what collaborations and creations come out of it!


hear what artists have to say about wildwood...

“I performed a show and had a film shot by Zoltan at Wildwood. He was very efficient, kind and professional. For the performance, Lauren baked cookies and laid out snacks for the attendees. The sound was magic and my first live streaming experience was a blast! Zoltan and Lauren are such informative, inspiring people and I can’t wait to return to Pender for another visit.”

Zoubi Arros (Victoria, BC)
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