Wildwood – Welcome!

Welcome to Wildwood

A grassroots community of musicians and artists

What We’re About

Wildwood is a grassroots community of musicians and artists working together with their fans, friends, and patrons to support each other and make the arts sustainable. We’re not just a record label, store, music venue, studio, or artist retreat, but we are all of those things and much more.

We are focused on artist development and sustainability, where musicians and artists can collaborate together and share their work with the community around them. We want to build a network of artists, fans, friends and patrons and work towards making the arts sustainable.

Our West Coast character home on Pender Island, BC is the hub of Wildwood. The 500 sq/ft loft studio space is used for recording, live video sessions, community jams, and workshops, and about once a month the living room is transformed into a house concert listening room with seating for just under 50 people. We also have accommodations for artists who want a writing retreat, and for those weary travellers just passing through.

Wildwood is a big idea, but we’ve started small, and we’re excited about where we’re going.


News & Updates

Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Hillcrest Folk

At the beginning of this month I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Hillcrest school in Salmon Arm, BC with Lauren Mann to be part of...

First American Session

Hey Friends! Lauren and I went down to Seattle and Portland a few weeks ago for a little trip, and as a surprise to her, to see Radiohead!...

Music, Merch, and Art

In the store you’ll find the latest products from our artists. As we bring more musicians and makers into the Wildwood community, we’ll continually be adding their music and wares, so keep checking back to see what’s new.
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